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One Click Electronic Dictionary 'DIXAU'

Product Detail Information

Point and click on it. DIXAU will automatically show the results of a dictionary look-up and will give you a native speaker’s pronunciation.

DIXAU is an electronic dictionary which translates foreign language words to your language or other languages. It supports up to 73 languages and over 600 dictionaries which get updated every day so you can always stay current with the up-to-date words. You also hear the pronunciation of a native speaker.(English, French, German and Spanish).


  • Instant translations
  • Foreign Languages study
  • Office work
  • Technical terms look up by professionals or researchers

How to Use
Align left edge of the guide to the beginning of the world. Adjust the guide parallel to the word and Click the button.

Functions and Features

  • Look up any words with just a click
  • Hear a native speaker’s pronunciation
  • Recognizes 4 languages
    (English, Spanish, French, and German)
  • Look up definitions in 87 languages
  • Connects with up to 1,478 different dictionaries
  • Shows definitions using two dictionaries simultaneously
  • Look up definitions using specialized dictionaries
    (medical, economical, engineering and etc.)

System Requirements

  • Window Vista or Window XP SP2
  • Pentium IV 1.4 GHz or higher
  • 256MB RAM or more
  • 300MB to 1.2GB hard disk space & CD-ROM drive
  • 2MB of video memory(supports 16-bit color)

Device Specifications

  • USB 2.0 UVC(USB Video lass) supported
  • VGA CMOS image sensor
  • Voice play : English, Spanish, French, German
  • Size : 2.5in(L) x 3.3in(W) x 1.9in(H) / 63mm(L) x 85mm(W) x 50mm(H)